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to advanced biorythm calculator, where you can get a free report of your physical, emotional and intellectual rhythms, as well as the state of your spiritual, awareness, aesthetic and intuition rhythms. Enjoy biorhythm calculator online, no need to download or install any software. Look at your future rhythms and be prepared!
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Age: 19834 days

Chinese astrology information

Born in 4666 (1969) Chinese year
Aspect: Yin
Element: Earth
Animal: Rooster

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Primary rhythms

Physical (23 days)82%Critical in 3 days
Emotional (28 days)78%Critical in 4 days
Intellectual (33 days)19%Critical in 15 days

Secondary rhythms

Spiritual (53 days)99%Critical in 14 days
Awareness (48 days)97%Critical in 14 days
Aesthetic (43 days)100%Critical in 10 days
Intuition (38 days)-32%Critical in 2 days

How to interpret biorhythms readings

Each biorhythm is zero when you are born, then it changes by a sinus-like law with the period equal to specific number of days depending on the rhythm (physical - 23 days, emotional - 28 days, intellectual - 33 days).

At any time each biorhythm is between -100% and 100%. Closer to 100% is better, closer to -100% is worse. The color of the circle shows this number visually, for example: pure green is 100%, green-grey is 50%, red-grey is -50% and pure red is -100%.

Special attention should be paid when the biorhythm is 0% or close to 0%. The days when the sign of the biorhythm is changed are called critical days, the circle becomes special . It was observed that people make many more mistakes on critical days.